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My journey into the world of software support, training and projects

Technology essentially 'found me' back in 1996, when I landed a temp job at the American Express Central Travel Support Helpdesk. The first few hours were interesting (and entertaining for the person training me!) as I got to grips with using a mouse and Windows NT. Until then, my computer experience had been limited to playing games.


I discovered that I had an aptitude for learning computer software – to me it was logical, and it made sense. I was quick to realise that not everyone in the workplace had the same experience when introduced to technology. For some people, learning and working with new technology can be daunting; but with the right guidance, support and encouragement, staff at all levels can learn how to embrace and work with new systems, leading to positive results that reflect their hard work.


"I keep my focus on solution delivery and a smooth transition for end users and possess the unique ability to translate geek into human in an easy-to-understand, well-paced and fun way."

I found that I had the ability to explain systems and technical information clearly and patiently, so that non-technical individuals could learn with confidence and let the software help, not hinder, them in their work.


I went on to manage system application helpdesks, facilitate learning for customers across Europe, the USA and UAE, and project manage implementations, migrations and upgrades. I worked for both blue chip organisations and start-ups for 18 years.


When I reached a crossroads in my career in September 2014, I recognised that my experience, skills and knowledge were valuable and that I could make a difference to forward-thinking businesses that wanted to implement software but whose core skills were elsewhere.


I have worked with solopreneurs, SMEs and global organisations, providing a clear road map to a successful outcome for products and projects of a variety of sizes.


I have trained travel agents across the UK on a global distribution system; trained conference teams across a European hotel chain on an accommodation booking solution; project managed the pilot for a global travel system upgrade; and provided support to SMEs implementing everyday solutions, from CRMs to appointment booking tools.


I keep my focus on solution delivery and a smooth transition for end users. I believe this skill stems from the challenges I faced during my school years battling undetected and undiagnosed mild dyslexia. I possess the unique ability to translate geek into human in an easy-to-understand, well-paced and fun way.


Sung at more than 40 Barry Manilow


Vocalist by trade


Blue Cross volunteer educational


Powered by coffee & gin!

Pincus Solutions fun facts

“Tell me, I forget. Teach me, I may remember.
Involve me and I will learn.”

- Benjamin Franklin


Pincus Solutions Values


I am true to myself and to those with whom I work. An open and honest process is the key to success and I won’t be pressured into making choices or decisions that could cause harm, financially or professionally. 


I am driven by an inherent desire to exceed expectations and deliver quality results, while treating those around me with respect.


With a ‘can-do’ attitude, every problem is a solution waiting to be found. A determined mindset encourages creativity and imagination which, in turn, enable me to find solutions.


That ‘gut feeling’ or the ‘voice inside my head’ is the strong intuition that helps guide me. While no-one can say if it is real or imagined, when I rely on my intuition, things invariably fall into place and work out for the best.

Making a difference 

I thrive on making a difference to someone’s world, even if that difference might be considered minute in the bigger picture – it’s the little things that add up to make a huge difference. The smile on someone’s face, a simple thank you – just knowing I’ve contributed is why I do what I do.

Pincus Solutions Values

I worked with Chris for over ten years at three different companies in her roles covering software systems support, training delivery and account management - as an active team member, co-worker and contractor. Chris has excellent organisational skills, and the ability to learn new systems quickly with the minimum support. She is able to turn this knowledge into effective support, training, documentation or product presentation. Chris’s early background in entertainment has provided her with a confident, clear presentation style which she uses to communicate effectively in group training, presentations or remote meeting scenarios. Chris thrives on projects, immersing herself in the detail required to effectively communicate this knowledge within an organisation or to external clients

Tim Clark

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