Technology essentially 'found me' back in 1996 when I landed a job on a travel technology help desk. The first few hours were interesting (and entertaining for the person training me!) while I was getting to grips with using a mouse and Windows NT. Until then, my computer experience had been limited.


I quickly discovered that I had an aptitude for learning computer software, it was logical and it made sense. I soon realised that not everyone in the work place had the same experience when introduced to technology. I learned that introducing and working with new technology, for some, could be daunting, but with the right guidance, support and encouragement, staff on all levels could learn how to embrace and work with new systems, leading to success and results that reflect their hard work.

I found that I had the ability to explain systems and technical information clearly and patiently, so that non-technical individuals could learn quickly and confidently and make the most of the solutions that are the tools of their trade.


I enjoy building good, strong relationships with customers. I thrive on understanding more about their business and helping them identify areas that could achieve maximum efficiency and revenue from their software, achieving a return on their investment.

When I reached a crossroads in my career in September 2014, I quickly recognised that my experience, skills and knowledge were extremely valuable and that I could directly make a real difference by offering select services to help businesses achieve more from their products and services.


With the overwhelming encouragement, support and belief that I could do it from friends and business associates, I took the decision to found Pincus Solutions Limited and started making a difference.



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