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Privacy Notice

Pincus Solutions Limited | Company Number: 9245500


The policy at Pincus Solutions is to:

  • Limit the amount of information we hold about you to the minimum.

  • Use your data to respond to your enquiries about our services (the lawful basis for this is “Legitimate Interest”) and to provide our services to you (the lawful basis for this is “Contract”).

  • Delete your data when it is no longer needed.

  • Take appropriate action to protect your personal data.


For the definition of terms used within this Privacy Notice, refer to the ICO website or look at the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

What personal data do we hold and why?

Your name and the contact information that you provide us with. This information will be used to respond to your enquiry, provide assistance when and where required, request additional information to assist us in supporting you, and to communicate with you during the provision of our services to you.

As our client, information about your business activities will also be held by us as part of the delivery of our services. 

The Pincus Solutions website uses only standard fixed 'cookies'.

Whom do we share it with?

Pincus Solutions occasionally engages with Associates in the provision of some of our services. 

Pincus Solutions will provide you with details of which Associates will be involved as part of the agreement with you regarding the provision of any of our services. We will also discuss and agree on any specific security requirements you may have during the provision of our services.

We neither share nor sell your personal data to anyone else.

How long do we store it for?

We will store your personal information for as long as necessary to support you with our services and provide relevant information. If you wish to stop hearing from us prior to that time, please email using the subject 'Privacy'.

If you are a sole trader or partnership, financial transactions between us might include some personal data. We are required to keep this information for the current financial year plus an additional six years.

Changing information or questions relating to privacy

If there are changes to your details that we need to be aware of, you need to check the accuracy of the details that we hold about you, or if you have any other questions about this Privacy Notice, please email using the subject 'Privacy'.

Should you feel that you need to complain about how we are handling your personal data, email using the subject 'Privacy' or use the 'Contact Us' form on our website.

Your ultimate point of contact for all data protection matters in the UK is the Information Commissioner’s Office.


Last updated: May 2018

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