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Hear what our customers have to say...

Chris formed part of our core training team as we executed a programme to roll out an ERP system to 18 companies in our group, training over 2000 people in the classroom and more on site.


Chris epitomises all the elements you need from a training professional.  We give her the requirements and she organised, prepped and delivered high quality training wherever we needed in the UK.  Basically a managed service which freed up mine and the Project Manager’s time to focus on delivering the rest of the programme.


Chris’s ability to work closely with other trainers, lead where appropriate, create quality learning content and deliver in the most challenging of environments meant training was the lowest risk item in the programme.

Anthony Blore - Programme Director,

Stagecoach Bus

​I facilitated a contract for Chris to support a nationwide software rollout. From our first engagement, she was approachable, friendly, and transparent, and clearly demonstrated her vast experience.

The feedback received from the customer was excellent. Chris was more than able to adopt training packages across various tools and deliver to a wide audience.


She was incredibly reliable, executed her deliverables to a high standard, and was able to offer advice and perspective when needed.

Both myself and the customer would have no hesitation in engaging Chris again.

Albi Clack - Senior Principal Recruitment Consultant at Computer Futures

Working with Chris had been a joy. A more dedicated, professional and engaging trainer I have yet to meet.


As a lead trainer, her organisational skills were tested to the max, yet she was always calm and smiling and willing support a colleague.


As a fellow trainer her standards are excellent and her care for her delegate outstanding.

I could not recommend more highly and would be delighted to work with her in the future.

Alex Costello-Cortes

IT Specialist

Chris is extremely professional in her role, taking the extra time and effort to ensure that she got everything right so that her class would benefit.


Her manner of teaching was calm and composed, being at a steady pace and using good examples, allowing the students to keep up with her, yet giving them the opportunity to ask as many questions as needed.


I would highly recommend Chris. Her method of teaching will instill confidence in her students, who in turn will leave the class feeling better about the system they are being trained on.

Michael Kurzawski

Project Manager & Training Facilitator

Chris recently participated in a 4-week upskilling Train the Trainer event, where she served as a Systems Trainer. Throughout this period, she exhibited a level of professionalism and dedication that stood out remarkably. So much so that Chris was nominated to take on the position of Lead Trainer for the duration of the programme.

Chris's organisational skills were evident from the onset. Her ability to meticulously plan and prepare for her training sessions ensured that each was delivered seamlessly. This level of preparation not only maximised the learning experience for participants but also demonstrated her commitment to excellence in training delivery.

Chris's attention to detail was unparalleled. She consistently went above and beyond to ensure that all aspects of her training were accurate, relevant, and tailored to meet the needs of her audience. This meticulous approach contributed significantly to the overall success of the training event.

What truly sets Chris apart is her natural delivery style. She possesses a commanding presence that, combined with her strong controlling element, allows her to engage and captivate her audience effectively. This skill is particularly noteworthy as it is essential for managing diverse groups and ensuring that learning objectives are met.

Nigel Babbage,
Training Delivery Lead

I worked with Chris on a UK wide Hexagon EAM roll out for Stagecoach Bus and she was brilliant from start to finish. Her work rate is phenomenal and she added so much value to the training delivery materials, often making considerable changes very quickly.

Chris is very a friendly, approachable and dedicated person. Her personality shines through in her training delivery which was reflected in the overwhelmingly positive feedback that was received from delegates.

Chris was a joy to manage and went above and beyond what was asked of her. I was always able to let her get on with it, confident that any task would be taken care of.

At the drop of a hat Chris was available to travel across the country to provide additional support to depots that needed it, which was a massive help for the roll out of the project.

I would highly recommend Chris for any training content creation and delivery. I would definitely have her on my team again for future projects.

Craig Holt - Training Lead,

Stagecoach Bus

Chris joined our project at the very beginning and eventually stayed with us for 11 months. 


During that time, we had delays to the project and many changes but Chris took everything in her stride. I can honestly say that I have never met anyone as professional and organised as Chris.


The software she was training was new to her but she picked it up in a very short time and helped shape the training that was delivered. Chris was required to travel the length of the UK as part of the project and had to deal with some challenging situations along the way. 


I would happily use Chris again and would thoroughly recommend her.

Sarah Bowden - Educational Services Manager, Operations, Amadeus UK

Chris is an unmatched customer advocate and business-minded teammate. I worked with Chris at Passkey where she managed many of our large European customers and I worked in product management.


Collaborating with Chris on software business requirements and strategy was always a pleasure - she is smart, organized and spends a lot of time making sure she knows her industry and user problems in depth. She was always highly trusted and well liked by everyone who worked with her or around her. She is the epitome of a team player and has an infectious positive attitude that is hard to ignore!

Rachel Tash - Former Director of Product

Management, Lanyon

I worked with Chris for about 3 years.

Chris truly understands the true needs of the customer and presents a targeted solution that meets those needs and delivers value to her customer's organization.


Chris shows a real passion for helping her customers and co-workers. She is well prepared for the social interaction, she is communicative and has analytical attitude to the things she is doing. Even if Chris does not know the solution - she will do her best to find the answer. Be sure!


It's a pleasure for me to write this recommendation, because Chris is the best manager I have ever reported to!

Siarhei Kabaliou - Former Lead Software Engineer, EPAM

Chris supported our delivery of a major new asset management system with a focus on training a diverse and challenging group of end-users. Chris was always professional in her training delivery, providing a high quality of service, as well as offering support and guidance to the wider programme of work.

I would have no hesitation in recommending her for any delivery role in her sector.

George Connell - Head of Business Operations Support at Stagecoach Bus

Chris worked on Collums for 4 months and was exactly what we needed. She has a wide range of skills and experience which enables her to adapt to different environments whether start-up or large corporate.

Chris has a can-do attitude and work ethic, so she can be left to discharge her responsibilities without close supervision. This is in addition to being a great team player with the ability to supervise and guide others.

Chris is a great all-rounder and would bring benefit to a variety of roles but particularly in operations, training, onboarding & support.

Askari Townshead

Founder, Collums

I worked with Chris for over ten years at three different companies in her roles covering software systems support, training delivery and account management - as an active team member, co-worker and contractor.


Chris has excellent organisational skills, and the ability to learn new systems quickly with the minimum support. She is able to turn this knowledge into effective support, training, documentation or product presentation.


Chris has a confident, clear presentation style which she uses to communicate effectively in group training, presentations or remote meeting scenarios.


Chris thrives on projects, immersing herself in the detail required to effectively communicate this knowledge within an organisation or to external clients.

Tim Clark

Founder Velvet Software and Director at The Venue Directory

Having been a prime user of GroupMAX for our accommodation booking services provision for a few years, and having new members join our team, I wanted to arrange a training and refresher programme to ensure that we were utilising the accommodation booking system appropriately for our market and also maximising the opportunities available to us. Chris at Pincus Solutions was my first port of call to make this happen.


Chris took time to research and listen to what we were currently doing and where we wanted to be; she supported us in preparing two sets of two-day sessions, to ensure our new learnings could be digested and put into practice whilst retaining knowledge and ensuring a steady pace of activity.


The training plan, agenda and content on the day were excellent and suited our requirements perfectly. I cannot thank Chris enough for her expert guidance and support. The guidance and new learnings have gone a long way to help with our performance and efficiencies in the team. New ideas and ways of working have supported the growth of our activities.  


Chris is an excellent presenter and trainer, making things clear, easy to understand and fun. She always goes above and beyond to ensure that learning is done at all levels. The Conference & Events Group Accommodation experience Chris has in this field is extraordinary.

I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Chris again in the future.

Lisa Owen - Former Senior Client Services Manager, Marketing Manchester

Chris has been fabulous to work with over the past 9 months. She has been completely committed to the brand she was asked to support, going over and above what was required for her to deliver amazing training and ongoing support.

Chris was proactive in learning about our company, knowing how to ensure the Amadeus product aligned with our workflows and was a great support to me personally throughout the project.

I would highly recommend Chris for any project. It was great to know I could depend on her commitment and professionalism.

Mayz Muller - OBW Learning & Development Leader, Flight Centre Travel Group

I had the pleasure of working alongside Chris during the formative years of Amadeus UK, during the late 1990s. Chris served on the Helpdesk, but very quickly showed prowess, professionalism and leadership skills that led her to become the Helpdesk Manager.


She was instrumental in delivering new support structures, training plans, and excellent people skills in managing a growing team of skilled support and customer service staff.


I am very excited about Chris's new venture, and would highly recommend her to any business considering Pincus Solutions' services. Chris would be an incredibly valuable asset as a business partner, and brings years of proven professional experience in her chosen field.

Neil Morgan - Industry Lead in Travel, Transport & Hospitality

Chris provided one day's basic training on a system we inherited and additional support for audit and remedial work.


She provided an exceptional outcome, going beyond the original brief and provided additional client support to ensure remedial actions were taken and proceeded correctly.


I would work with Chris again and definitely recommend her. Chris was both very professional and a pleasure to work with, providing excellent and relevant advice and support in a difficult period of handover.

Simon Richards - Managing Partner, Convenus

Chris is an outstanding professional that I had the great pleasure to work with at both Passkey & Lanyon.


Clients were always highly appreciative of Chris’s ability to help them achieve efficiencies and become more effective using our technology. She is the secret sauce to success for any company needing help to leverage technology and/or bring teams all into the same hymn sheet.

Jeff Karlson - Senior Advisor

I worked with Chris on a large development and operational project which consisted in bringing the HRG Technology to GBT and deploying the latest Amadeus Desktop across the company.


Chris has been instrumental to the project. She is thoughtful, highly skilled from both a project management and product perspective.


Chris is one of the most dedicated and engaged colleagues I have worked with. She has worked in synergy with other company functions such as learning and development, providing valuable contribution to maximize results.

Thierry Orville - Product & Technology, American Express Global Business Travel

My team needed to understand full capacity of the system they were using. We needed training as well as learning best practices and being able troubleshoot any issues.


Chris came recommended to us and, after engaging with her to outlining our requirements, she put together a very flexible agenda with a hands-on approach. The training was well paced and met our needs well.

I would definitely recommend Chris and use her for future projects.

Reservations Manager - InterContinental Hotel,  London

I had the pleasure of working with Chris on a number of projects within American Express. She is collaborative, thoughtful, and detail oriented with strong relationship skills.


On every project I have witnessed her working on I found her the consummate professional, highly responsive, and also highly strategic in helping to build out roadmaps and align global teams (both internally and externally).


Chris is truly a great partner to have onboard any project.

Chris took me through a video lesson on how to utilise my Hubspot CRM effectively. It was a long session (over 5 hours). Nevertheless, I didn’t feel overloaded – a testament to her structured approach and easy-going style.


She was also able to effectively restructure her training at points where I didn't quite get it.


Chris followed this up with comprehensive, supporting reference material, including 'idiot guides' and a full video recording of the session. As a past technical instructor myself, I appreciate the quality of her training material and delivery. As a result, I would highly recommend Chris to those who want to learn more in this space.

Paul Morgan - Technical Director, NDT Recruitment

I have had the great pleasure to work with Chris over about 18 months when she was the program manager of a large software migration project and I was one of her team members.


Chris is a great leader. She is extremely professional, absolutely well organized and structured, pays great attention to detail and stays on top of every aspect at all times. With her engagement and motivation, and the way she collaborates across teams, she is able to drive projects to success.


One of her greatest strengths is her communication skills, whether it is written, oral or when presenting, and both in person or virtual. As her team member I can also say that she is extremely supportive, empathetic and team oriented, which made it an absolute pleasure to work with her. I learned a lot from Chris, and I would highly recommend her for any project or training you plan to do.

Johanna Grassman - Project Business Analyst, Global Business Travel

Chris has a wonderful way of delivering information in a way that I can understand it. She gives the foundations first and then builds on that in a coherent and logical fashion. I would happily recommend her to anyone wanting to enhance their knowledge of scary techy stuff that has previously felt out of reach. 

I have used Chris to train team members on several occasions, and hope to continue to do so for the foreseeable future. She has practically become part of our team.


Because of her many years' experience working with convention bureaux all over the UK, I think she is in a unique position in that she actually ‘gets’ what we are about.


Chris's understanding and approach to training is invaluable. I really value her opinion and I know she has made a great impact on the performance of my team.

Paul Szomoru - Head of Business Tourism,
NewcastleGateshead Initiative

We were very happy to welcome Chris to our extended team.


She’s certainly hit the ground running!  She has picked up the system incredibly quickly and delivers training with enthusiasm, patience and attention to detail.

Andrew Gilmore - Founder,

Agile Hospitality Solutions

I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris as a trainer. Her knowledge, experience and enthusiasm are invaluable. She explains technical information clearly and patiently and is able to adapt to everyone’s different learning styles.


Chris provides a flexible training agenda and really takes the time to help us all understand.


With Chris’s guidance and support she has given us the confidence to embrace new systems, which has always been a very daunting task for us!

Shelley Worrall - Conference Manager, Destination Bristol

I met Chris on a Workshop she gave and learned so much from her that when she released the Calendly Course I jumped at the chance to use it.


It's been so helpful to me. I'm not a natural tech person and it's such an easy user-friendly course with  really easy bite-size videos. The way the Course is broken down is perfect for that.


I highly recommend using her courses.

Naomi Stonier - Intimate and family relationship coach

Chris came highly recommended to me from my network. I wanted to synchronise three calendars on different platforms to save me considerable time when making bookings.


Chris researched and found what I needed could be done. There were challenges and Chris simply set about overcoming these. She is resolute, knowledgable, very capable and works quickly. Chris has high standards of integrity and her communication is excellent in dealing with my lack of understanding and in letting me know her availability.


Chris is a lovely individual, simply delightful to work with and very professional. She understood my brief well, provided a solution and not only gave me training but also provided fantastic cheat sheets to refer to that are easy to understand.


Chris collaborates with her clients rather than simply delivering a solution and leaving you to it. I would absolutely go to Chris again for IT needs.

Chris Cutting - CV Adviser

Chris is world class at what she does. High professional and savvy in management and delivering of training systems.

Henry Pedro - Trainer

Chris entered my world as a very dynamic and engaging project manager working for a customer. She proved to be honest, direct and a great driver for the project.


The feedback she gave was valuable for all parties and indeed she was able to see topics from both sides and provided great mediation. I truly look forward to meeting her again on a project as I know we will be successful.

Dorthe Knight - Business and Functional Analyst, Amadues UK

Chris is amazing. She makes techy things make sense in a way that we can understand. She is never too busy to help or support and clearly loves what she is doing.


I’ve had the privilege of her help with the back end of my website and we have more work to do. Apart from her knowledge and understanding, she is also a thoroughly nice person and I would definitely recommend her!

AnnMarie Wyncoll - Begin-A-Book Writing Services

In the wake of the current global pandemic, the UK Scout Association suspended all face-to-face Scouting until further notice.

Somerset County Scouts media team were tasked with supporting our adult volunteers to encourage our youth membership to continue Scouting virtually.


We reached out to Chris, on recommendation from a friend, and she put together a video teaching our Beaver, Cub and Scout leaders how to run a meeting using Zoom. She was incredible professional and responsive. Easy to work with, Chris asked what we needed to achieve and then went away and produced it! We had a complete video within 36 hours.


Thank you, Chris, from the 4,314 youth members of Somerset Scouting, who we are now able to reach out to, despite being 'socially distanced' by the lockdown!

Elizabeth Henderson - County Commissioner, Somerset, UK Scout Association

Chris is wonderful! She brings an unsurpassed level of dedication, support, and big heart into everything she does.


We were fortunate to have Chris as a guest presenter for a networking group I run. Everyone enjoyed her engaging presentation that made technology feel understandable and easy.


I feel very fortunate to know Chris. She is not only a wonderful person but has the ability to share her expertise in a way that is relatable to someone not in the technology field. That's a true gift!

Nicoletta Pichardo - Navigo Coaching

I needed to create a course for self-employed consultants that work for me in my estate planning business.  Having met Chris several times at networking events, she immediately sprang to mind as someone who may be able to help!


I had a very clear idea in my head of what I needed but wondered if I would be able to convey this to Chris.  I needn’t have worried! Chris immediately understood my requirements and set to work researching the best platform on which to build my new course.


We had several meetings in the initial stages of the project, and I was amazed at how thorough Chris’s research was and the clarity with which it was presented.  I had lots of questions and Chris was extremely patient in taking the time to answer these, ensuring I understood both the pros and cons of any of the platforms I felt drawn to.


Once we had made a decision about which platform to use, the real fun began! Over the course of about two months, I would look forward to my weekly meeting with Chris to catch up and watch my project come to life.  Chris understood that although her task was to build the training platform from scratch, I would also need to know how to add and amend course material myself and she ensured that I felt 100% confident in how to do this.


By the end of the project, I was not only delighted with the finished training course (which I have subsequently received excellent feedback on) but Chris had become a trusted colleague and friend.  I will miss our weekly catch ups now that the project is finished!


Chris really is an expert at what she does, and I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Rachel Harding, Founder.

Harding & Co. Legal Services

If you have a training requirement that would benefit from a hands-on custom approach or a project that you think we could add value to, contact us and see how Pincus Solutions can help your organisation achieve maximum results.

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