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Business Solutions

Implementing business solutions in an easy-to-understand and stress-free way

Do you think you might need a new software solution to support and grow your business?


Do you hear your peers talking about what they are using, how they are working and worry that you are being left behind?


But does the prospect of researching, evaluating, selecting, learning, configuring and implementing a new software solution make you want to hide?

You can remove all stress and worry by engaging me to do what I do best, leaving you to focus on what you do best – growing your business.


I will learn about your business, how you work today and your goals for the future. We’ll talk about the software you currently use, alongside any manual processes.


Armed with your requirements, I’ll research, trial and evaluate a variety of solutions, enabling you to make the right choice for your business. We’ll then work together to implement any new software solutions or processes in an easy-to-understand, non-technical way.


During my lengthy career working with software solutions on helpdesks, as a trainer and project manager, I have mastered the art of translating geek into human and making the process stress-free and fun!

Solutions provided:

  • Gathered requirements for, identified and implemented Client Relationship Management (CRM) within a business to improve its existing processes and procedures

  • Researched, aided selection of and implemented a Learning Management Solution (LMS) for a legal firm to train its internal team while supporting on ideas and format for creating content

  • Provided audit of current solution with recommendations for changes

Solutions I use within my business

I'll recommend the right solutions for your business requirements, but people always ask me what solutions I use in my business. I currently use a variety of applications such as:

  • Google Workspace: Gmail, Drive, Docs, Calendar, Meet – for managing my business day-to-day

  • CRM-UK - As my Client Relationship Management solution

  • Thunderbird - Email desktop application

  • Calendly - Appointment bookings

  • Xero - Accounting

  • Chimpla - Social media scheduling and post creation

  • Microsoft O365 - Office applications and Teams

  • TechSmith Camtasia - Video & tutorial creation and editing

  • GIMP - Image manipulation & editing

  • Canva - Graphics creation

  • Skitch - Screen captures & annotation

  • Zoom - Video calls & meetings

  • Team Knowhow - Multiple computer back-up

  • Wix - Website, alongside designer

We've been absolutely bowled over with the amount of research and energy Chris put into the project. It's been really good, very efficient, and we think the big thing is, she's took it at our pace. Chris has been extremely adaptable, and it's worked well for us.

I would definitely recommend approaching Chris. If there's something in particular that you're interested in moving forward with, have a conversation, Chris will I'm sure immediately be able to put forward some obvious suggestions, and maybe put forth suggestions that you haven't thought of.  And Chris has made it very clear to us that she's there at the end of the phone or on a Zoom call to help us in the future to brush up on those bits where we weren't probably listening correctly.

Nicky & Tom Rowles - Company Directors, Just Creative

Other services


Project Management

Do you have a software solution to implement but not the resources or time to execute it efficiently?

Pincus-Solutions-Training Room

Software Training

Have you developed a software product & need associate trainers to deliver or teach your customers?

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