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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer to your question below, please contact me

  • Can you help me find the right solution for my business?
    Yes. I would work closely with you to understand your business and its current processes, which would enable us to gather your requirements. I would research solutions and measure them against your requirements and priorities, taking advantage of any free trials and engaging in demos, before creating a shortlist to present to you. We would then work through the short list and selection process. Find out more about Business Solutions.
  • How would I get up and running on a new solution?
    Once a solution is identified, I would upskill to learn it in-depth before configuring it to your requirements. During this time I would check in with you and your team, sharing updates and demos. Following the successful configuration, I would engage with the team’s ‘super-users’ to complete user acceptance testing (UAT), before finalising the process flow and creating training resources. The full team would then participate in training before the solution goes live and is deployed into the business. Find out more about Business Solutions.
  • What happens after a new solution you implement goes live?
    After the solution is deployed, I would manage a review of the process and implement any updates and/or changes identified before reaching a business-as-usual stage, when you would sign off the project. I provide 30-day post project support to the team, as they transition to the selected provider’s support.
  • Can you train any software?
    In theory, yes! All software can be learned, so as long as I have access to learn it, and an understanding of its core functionality and purposes, I can learn it and create training resources, allowing me to facilitate learning for you and your team. Find out more about Software Training.
  • Can we contract you to train our clients?
    Yes! If you need to increase your team resources to provide training for your clients, I’d be delighted to work with you – whether it’s for a one-off project or on an ongoing basis, I’d be happy to support your business and white label my services under your branding. Find out more about Software Training.
  • Would you manage a project for us?
    Of course! I have experience with both waterfall and agile formats, and I love working closely with teams on exciting projects! I keep the customer as my priority and ensure quality results are delivered with open and honest communication. I have managed projects with remote teams of a variety of sizes for various durations across time zones and countries. Find out more about Project Management.
  • Can you help with day-to-day applications?
    Absolutely! I’ve helped business owners get up and running on day-to-day time-saving tools such as Calendly, HubSpot, Google Workplace, Google Drive, Google Forms and Office 365. Anything from an hour’s set-up and training to a few weeks’ support. Let’s have a call to talk through how I could help. Find out more about Business Solutions.
  • How much do your services cost?
    That’s not easy to answer as the majority of my work is bespoke and tailored to different requirements. I provide quotes after a complimentary phone consultation – but most of my projects are delivered at a fixed price. I want you to get value out of working with me and I don’t want you or your team to avoid asking for additional support and training for fear of increasing the price. As a guide, ad hoc training/consultancy is £75+VAT per hour or £500+VAT per day; projects and longer term engagements are fixed price for delivery, and options can be discussed.
  • What solutions do you use for your business?
    I use: Google for Business (Workspace, Drive, Docs, Gmail, Calendar – the lot!) CRM-UK as my CRM Thunderbird as a desktop email application Calendly for appointment bookings Xero for my accounts Chimpla for my social media scheduling MS Word, Excel & Powerpoint Camtasia for video creation and editing GIMP for image manipulation and editing Canva for post creation Skitch for screen captures Zoom for video calls Team Knowhow for my backup Wix for my website MacBook Air iPad Android Sony Phone And Spotify to keep me sane while I work! I am currently evaluating project management solutions and learning management platforms.
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