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A New 'Agile Alliance' Is Formed

I was delighted to be introduced to Andrew Gilmore, who is the Founder of Agile Hospitality Solutions. He was looking to expand the training team for dedicated event booking solutions for venues, using the system Events500.

Launched in 2011, Events500 is the perfect solution for event management. The software is highly contemporary, fast and easy to use. It automates a large percentage of the booking process, by allowing user to log enquiries in seconds and emailing quotations immediately. Events500 produces high quality, clearly laid out documentation and has an extensive list of reports, providing vital data.

Venues are quickly identifying the time-saving benefits and possibilities with Events500 and the business is growing fast. After spending time with Andrew and seeing the system work, it was easy to see why! Within a very short time, I realised just how user friendly Events500 is and how quickly I could guide venue teams through the process, giving them valuable time to focus on increasing their business. With Andrew’s system and my extensive training experience with software for the travel and hospitality industries, we were able to see very quickly that working together would be an obvious decision.

System functionality aside, I was reassured to discover that Agile Hospitality Solutions share my values when it comes to customer service. They have a great support team on hand to assist with any questions and customer development requests can be delivered within quick timescales. They are committed to customer satisfaction, as well as long-term sustainable growth.

I am therefore thrilled to announce that Agile Hospitality Solutions have engaged with Pincus Solutions Limited to assist with customer implementations and training on the Events500 product.

When asked about working with Chris, Andrew said "We are very happy to welcome Chris to our extended team. She’s certainly hit the ground running! She has picked up the system incredibly quickly and delivers training with enthusiasm, patience and attention to detail. We look forward to working with Chris over the months and years ahead as we expand our businesses."

For more information about events500 from Agile Hospitality Solutions , please visit their website:


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