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Exciting New Partnership!

New UK partnership: get tech and training guidance on LearningStone from an experienced UK native

Here at Pincus Solutions, we have partnered with Dutch technology company LearningStone. We will be providing UK based customers, who want to work with LearningStones blended learning environment all the help and guidance they may need!

Top-notch software and guidance

What sparked the partnership between LearningStone and Pincus Solutions? "We quickly discovered we have similar ethics and values," says Chris. "LearningStone is open and honest. What you see is what you get. And, like me, they want to find the right fit for the right customer. So, we decided to embark on this journey together."

If UK-based companies want to work with LearningStone, Pincus Solutions will be their partner 'on the ground.' Chris explains, "They'll get the best software in Europe and guidance in their home country from someone who's a tech trainer with software skills. On top of that, I know what it's like to own a business in the UK, so I can identify with them."

The best of both worlds

Thoroughly experienced in the fields of software and training, Chris believes in the power of blended learning. "The combination between online and face-to-face training really works," she says. And that's coming from someone who originally hated any learning environment: "I have dyslexia, which caused difficulties in school because I was judged on reading speed rather than understanding. As an adult, I realised I actually have the skills that can help people learn. Face-to-face training became my favourite, as you can read participants' body language and provide on-the-spot support. I see the benefits of online training, but I've found that neither form is the only way that works."

Enter LearningStone, which combines face-to-face and online training in an ingenious way: "LearningStone brings it all together. Whenever a company starts working with it, we can send them a video explaining some background information. We can also provide screenshots. That way, they'll already be familiar with the blended learning environment once they log in, so they will feel more comfortable with it."

Technology wise, Chris has observed several significant benefits to LearningStone: "It's easy to set up and has a clean user interface. And it's an affordable solution. Moreover, LearningStone allows you to tailor each training to your participants. You can make it documentation-heavy or video-oriented — whatever they prefer!"

If you would like to learn more about how LearningStone could benefit your organisation, get in touch today for a chat or book a demo with the team!


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