Introducing a new automation solution to the UK travel agency arena

Automate your daily manual processes, leaving you time to continue doing what you do best – being an amazing travel agent!


Software designed to make life easier for travel agents 

Early in 2021, I was fortunate enough to cross paths with Max Sevastianov, CEO and co-founder of Traveknowledgy. Within minutes we had acknowledged a synergy in our career paths, and a shared love of automation and travel technology. The more I learned about the solution Max had developed, the wider my eyes became and the more excited I got at the prospect of introducing Traveknowledgy to the UK travel agency arena.

Traveknowledgy requires minimal technical knowhow, so you can use it to automate your daily manual processes, leaving you time to continue doing what you do best – being an amazing travel agent! Only your creativity will limit what you can achieve.

Traveknowledgy is a Sweden-based travel technology company that focuses on automation of post-booking processes for travel agencies, both leisure and business, to help improve their bottom line.

The automation platform has a simple and intuitive user interface. You define the process, create the automation scheme and have control over all your PNRs.


Traveknowledgy requires minimal technical knowhow, so you can use it to automate your daily manual processes, leaving you time to continue doing what you do best – being an amazing travel agent! Only your creativity will limit what you can achieve.

With modules for Ticketing, Queue Management, Fare Optimization, Unused Tickets, Client Notifications, Virtual Payments and Quality Control, you can focus on being more efficient and productive – a true travel consultant.


Ticketing is one of the most important parts of the reservation process so it’s essential that it is done right. The ticketing module possesses all the necessary elements to cater for numerous ticketing scenarios. Conditional ticketing of specific reservations, ticketing deadline tracking, flexible cross-country / -currency / -BSP / -office issuance, adaptive selection of commission, form of payment* and issuing carrier are just some of the features providing a seamless ticketing process. Avoid interruptions even when things don’t go right. The Ticketing module is smart enough to handle various ticketing errors, always finding a way to issue your tickets at the right time and to the right fare. The Ticketing module provides:

  • Continuous tracking of ticketing deadline
  • Conditional ticketing of specific PNRs
  • Smart cross-country / -currency / -BSP / -office ticketing
  • Flexible use of commission, form of payment*, issuing carrier
  • Handling of ticketing errors
  • Management of missing DOCS / APIS
  • Elimination of ADMs
  • 24/7/365 processing
* Potentially optimizable reservations are the ones that are not booked at the lowest possible reservation class and the percentage of such reservations varies depending on the market, season and agency.

Queue Manager

Managing daily queues can be a challenging task and, if not done right, can drain valuable resources. Traveknowledgy Queue Manager facilitates the automation of repetitive and time critical tasks related to monitoring and processing queue messages. Comprehensive analysis of PNR conditions and SSR / OSI messages ensures that the right action is taken in each case. Whether it is a simple service status update, agency notification or schedule change, Queue Manager will help you keep your queues clean, clients informed and staff free to work on more revenue-generating activities. The Queue Manager provides:

  • Self-configurable business rules
  • A large variety of conditions and actions
  • Schedule change management
  • HTML-based customer notifications with PNR variables
  • 24/7/365 processing
  • Improved operating efficiency

Fare Optimizer

Fierce competition in the airline industry, and its aggressive yield management, creates an opportunity where airfare volatility can be utilized and turned into significant savings for the agency. Traveknowledgy’s Fare Optimization module allows you to continuously monitor airlines’ inventory for the given itinerary, and once a lower fare is available it may be reserved automatically, or a detailed notification be sent to a travel agent for further actions. By utilizing the ticketing time limit in the reservation, the search period can be extended, achieving greater pre-ticketing optimization results. Even after the ticket has been issued, the system continues to monitor the inventory and notifies of potential savings if found within the ticket void period or even up to the date of departure, if the potential savings are greater than the cost of the refund. Another smart feature is a cross-market optimization. By applying office IDs (PCCs) for various markets, you can benefit from differences in point-of-sale inventory control as a lower reservation class may be available at another location. The Fare Optimizer provides:

  • Pre- / post-ticketing optimization
  • Optimization across multiple points-of-sale
  • Ticketing time limit tracking
  • Validation of baggage and penalty rules
  • Self-configurable PNR selection and business rules
  • Comprehensive reporting for internal analysis

Client Notifications

There is no such thing as too much information about a booked trip. Immigration regulations, schedule changes, security situation, health hazards or simply destination info; whatever the data, travel agents need a reliable tool to convey the relevant information to their clients at the right time. Our Client Notification module enables you to send informative notifications to your clients before, during and after the trip, based on any particular criteria within the reservation. Whether it's a specific destination, an airline, period of time or information in the remark or the SSR message, you can be sure that the right client will be informed at the right time. If you operate in multiple markets, take advantage of the multilingual mode and provide information to your clients in their language. Client Notification provides:

  • Advanced conditions for selecting the candidates
  • HTML standard
  • PNR variables for personalized notifications
  • Pre- / during- / post-travel notifications
  • Multilingual mode
  • HTTP post notifications for further automation
  • Use of pre-defined templates
  • Data sent as email, sms or http (post)

Virtual Payments

Our Virtual Payments module allows you to generate unique card numbers for each payment transaction to your supplier. Currently integrated partners WEX and eNett offer multiple payment options in various currencies, among other advantages. The Virtual Payments module:

  • Simplifies supplier reconciliation
  • Enhances cash flow
  • Generates additional earnings
  • Reduces your IATA guarantee
  • Supports different currency / validity / threshold
  • Integrates with your mid- / backoffice system

Unused Tickets

Ever wondered what happens to all those tickets that are fully or partially unused? Most of them remain forgotten, which is good news for the airlines. Traveknowledgy would like to change that and bring some good news to travel agents instead! The Unused Tickets module monitors all tickets issued by the travel agency and highlights unused coupons after travel has been completed. Simply pick out the goodies and refund the part that hasn't been used. Even if the fare is non-refundable, you can still claim some of the taxes, which adds up to significant earnings in the long run. The Unused Tickets module provides:

  • Fully automated ticket collection
  • Flexible management of unused tickets
  • Comprehensive data overview
  • Significant earnings

Quality Control

The Quality Control module constantly monitors your reservations and validates their consistency against set requirements. As long as a reservation is alive, it may experience changes, leading to vulnerability and potential additional charges. Notifications will be issued when something goes against the pattern or a travel policy is not met. A wide variety of parameters means you can configure even the most demanding controls, and notifications can be sent by e-mail, GDS queue or an XML message directly into your CRM system. Resolve some of the discrepancies automatically with a comprehensive list of actions. The less manual involvement on your side, the less room for error.

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